Dead Rock Stars

Jimi Hendrix shifted his weight on my couch and jabbed at his gums with a toothpick.

From the kitchen, John Lennon called, “Anybody else want a cuppa?”

Janis Joplin took a drag on a round kazoo and blew smoke rings to the ceiling. “John, you have to come back in here. You need to. You’ve got to come back in here.”

“Ever see Star Wars?” John and his cuppa nearly tripped over the dog in the kitchen doorway. “Whoosh, buzz, bap, crack.” He waved an imaginary light saber.

Janis shook her head.

“Died too soon.” Jimi threw his toothpick behind the couch.

“All the chow, ping, peeow, boom.” Now, John fired an invisible blaster at us and nearly dropped his tea flinching from the gun’s recoil. “Gotta hold that one with two hands, I reckon. Do you have a tape of it, Jessie?”

“I thought we were playing cards?” I pointed to the deck.

“Oh, right. Slipped my mind.” John sat. “So whose turn is it, now? What’s trump?”

“Can’t you follow suit?” Janis indicated the three hearts already on the table.

“Oh, I dunno. I better check my hand, then.”

Jimi rose. “I’m getting another one of them toothpicks. Want anything?”

“I could use a refill.” Janis tossed back a mouthful of amber liquid and handed her highball glass up.

“Gonna cost you.” Jimi took a hit off of her kazoo and gave it back before ambling towards the kitchen.

Outside, the garage door rumbled up, then Scott let himself in by the pantry. “Who are you?”

“Overnight guest. Don’t worry, I’m sleeping on the couch.”

“Jessie, what the hell is going on?”

“Oh, Jesus, this is going to be a bitch to explain.”

“Now don’t get fluffed up,” said Janice as my husband walked in the living room. “We just dropped by to play a little Bridge. Jimi’s the only one sleeping over. John and I will be gone by the time you wake up in the morning.”




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Dead Rock Stars — 31 Comments

  1. Lucky you ,getting to hobnob with rock stars,that too late at night;-)Though wonder how you explained it to your hubby(for a mo there I was thrown off by Scott-my mind went to “Star trek” & I expected Scottie to beam them up,lol!).Great word play with the game of cards:-)Enjoyed this.
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  2. How cool is that. I would love to be in that room with all three of these legends. Wonderful scene, and great writing!
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  3. Jester Queen, I want some of whatever you’re on. Seems to really let the imagination sing (:

  4. I had the best comment all typed out last night. Hit submit. No take comment. So, I came back tonight to let you know I loved this post, but I forgot my pithy comment in the heat of my wrath at mobile devices not mixing with WordPress.
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