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SamAndSisSam Says

We play a lot of Lego Star Wars in our house. I recently restarted the whole game in a new save slot in a vain attempt to have my OWN game. It was quickly taken over by the children, who are having fun getting back all of the extras that come with each level. The most important extras to have, for those of you who live under rocks, are the score multipliers. There’s a 2x, 4x, 6x, all the way up to 10x. I spent about a week getting the two million five hundred thousand studs (Lego coinage) needed to buy the doubler. The quadrupler was more quickly purchased. Sam recently unlocked a new one and came shrieking in to inform me, “Mom, now we can save up for the EIGHT-dupler!”.


Baking blueberry muffins with me. “MOM, SINCE THE [covers his own mouth with his hand, speaks, then uncovers it] ARE A SURPRISE, TELL DAD AND SIS TO STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN.”


“Are you going to feed me to the alligators if I take a nap right now?”


Caroline Says

“Tights are so the same as pants.”


“I wish you liked the Thompson Twins, Mom. Then we could listen to ‘Lies, Lies, Lies Yeah’ together.”


“Every time I cough, my chest hurts right HERE.” [jabs herself in the boob]. “Ow.”

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    • Loathe, despise, etc. Didn’t like them in the eighties either. One of Caroline’s teachers played her Doctor Doctor, and I’ve taught her how to use Youtube. It’s been all downhill ever since.