Sam’s Lament

“Let’s break this down, Sam. Caroline didn’t play Wii on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. It’s Friday, and she has had five minutes. That’s not the longest turn in the history of forever.”


IMAG0793 (2)



This weekend, Trifextra is Over The Top…or they want us to be anyhow.

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Sam’s Lament — 21 Comments

  1. Sorry, I had to laugh. I remember those kind of arguments. Once, on a road trip, my daughter told her brother to stop breathing her air. Good times.
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    • YES! My sister and I had similar arguments. Our acrimony still puts my kids fights to shame. We had TAPE down the middle of the back seat. “She’s in my airspace” was a frequent complaint”.

  2. A great teaching experience – you can sit him down and go on and on about relativity until he wishes he hadn’t said anything 🙂

  3. Makes me glad I was the only gamer in my family besides my brother (who was an Xbox fanboy boooo lol)

  4. Breathing my air and looking at me! I remember those times growing up. My sisters and I had to cram into the back seat of the car and we sat perfectly straight so our arms and legs wouldn’t have to touch. Love those family arguments.
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  5. Oh I remember those days. “Stop looking at me!” “They had me because you weren’t perfect, and I am. So there!” “This is my air. Go to another planet.” Amazing eyes on Sam. Simply amazing and all seeing. I commiserate with you, but I have to admit I had a laugh, too. Thanks for sharing.

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