Walking in Their Shoes

My first boss died a couple of weeks ago. He was a big man when I knew him. He lost weight after I moved away. He lost more with the cancer. While I’ll remember him by his laugh, a deep gut-chuckle, his wife and kids will remember his frailty. I’d trade shoes with them, if I could.


Sorry, sorry, I know I never make it over to ketchup with Mel and Michele, and then when I do, I’m all downer. The truth is, I’m awful at short prompts. I rarely speak in less than a hundred words, and when I do, too much is lost in the translation.

Farewell, Dave. You were a damned good boss, and an amazing man.

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Walking in Their Shoes — 16 Comments

  1. so sorry about your loss Jessie. I know that he meant a great deal to you. It’s funny how those first bosses (not unlike our parents) really shape who we are, how we see ourselves, how we develop our sense of sense.

    your words were the best ones to express how you felt about him. May he Rest in Peace.

    I will send good thoughts to his family and to you as you miss him.
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    • Thanks, Kir. I have stories and stories about Dave’s Grocery. Sandy – his wife – was also my first boss, it was a Mom and POp store – but I couldn’t fit that in 57 words. I used to answer the phone, because it amused me to do so, by saying “Dave’s highly esteemed, unimpeachable, and otherwise simply magnificent grocery”. There was one lady who it drove just CRAZY. She used to tell Dave I was making the store seem less than professional. And he and Sandy would giggle about it.

    • He was awesome. And he was a young man when I worked for them, so I knew their young kids, who are now adults. It’s really sad. I’ve had some bosses whose graves I would dance upon. I will put flowers on Dave’s, though. He was one in a million.

  2. I’m so very sorry for your loss! You are a good woman, JQ. What a great tribute to your boss and sweet thought for his family. Thanks for making me reflect and appreciate what I have at this moment. I know I don’t do it nearly enough! 🙂 xo

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. Not all of us are fortunate enough to work for and with exceptional people. Like you, I’ve been lucky in that regard, but I know many who haven’t been so. Thanks for sharing your poignant and sweet piece.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. And you are so right in that we have a choice in how we choose to remember someone.
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