J650HeadshotSome random facts for a Monday.

1)      Sandra Tyler from A Writer Weaves A Tale puts together an ezine called Woven Tale Press. She did me the honor of including my prose poem Hope Is in the second issue. I’m touched and honored by her recognition. The other pieces in the ‘zine are all excellent, and each one has a link back to the blogger’s homepage. This is not the same as reblogging , which I abhor.  Sandra has edited these pieces (with the permission of and collaboration from their authors) and enhanced them with illustrations. She’s formatted pages and created an amazing publication. Each piece is short. You can read in odd moments throughout the day, and it’s a wonderful way to spend some time.

2)      Last year, I think over a year ago now, I won a drawing over at Field Trips With Sue. The prize? A night at The Chattanoogan and fancy dinner for two. Scott and I tried our damndest to schedule without our kids, but for a variety of reasons, it was impossible to do so.  (Meltdown here, meltdown there, scheduling conflicts everywhere.) And the certificate was set to expire June first 2013. So, in spite of the next two months getting ready to be from HELL, we picked up and WENT last weekend, kids and all. The hotel was amazing, the food was divine, and Chattanooga remains one of our favorite family vacation spots. I wish we could afford to stay there every time we went!

3)      Speaking of “from hell”, let me talk about my schedule. At my work, we don’t take holidays, ever, and even though I teach college, there aren’t semesters,  trimesters, or quarters of any sort. Rather, full time faculty get a month off every year. My month is March. Because I don’t take a summer month and most faculty DO, I tend to pick up an extra course or two in May, June, and July. This year, the schedule is compounded by a sudden death in the faculty. (She went to the doctor with a headache. She was dead from cancer two weeks later. Fuck. Somebody else picked up the classes she was in the middle of, but the schedule is still in ‘juggle’ mode.) So I won’t be blogging as much in the immediate future. I’ll be grading my ass off.

4)        This means that I won’t be writing enough for Sprocket. And when I post over here, it’s odds on that I’ll be writing for one of my three favorite memes: Trifecta, Write on Edge, and Yeah Write. (And sometimes the 100 word song with Lance, the 100 Word Challenge with Velvet Verbosity, and the I don’t like Mondays blog hop hosted by Mod Mom Beyond Indiedom.)

So, that’s me. How’s life with you? What shit’s going t down in your neck of the woods?

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Jessie Powell is the Jester Queen. She likes to tell you about her dog, her kids, her fiction, and her blog, but not necessarily in that order.


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  1. Thanks for altering me to this e-zine. I will definitely check it out.

    Glad you were able to get away to Chattanooga. I too love it there and feel some weird affinity for it because of its proximity to my father’s birthplace.

    I wondered if you went back to teaching this semester. I thought that wasn’t the plan, but life seldom goes according to plan, does it?

    In my life, I’ve still got around 50 queries outstanding. One massive, heartbreaking rejection amidst the form no’s. I’m starting to strategize for what I will have to do if I do this on my own. I never realized how snooty and hierarchical trad pub is, and I’ll never have the required pedigree. MTM is in the midst of some possible upheaval as well, so life is fun, fun, fun at the moment. 🙂
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    • I’m so sad about the rejection. But I’m VERY excited that you have 50 queries out there. That’s awesome not just because of the determination, but because you will get positive results. (Note. Positive doesn’t always mean ‘I will publish you’. Sometimes, it means making a connection and networking.)

  2. I’m so glad that your weekend was a GOOD one, considering your schedule the next few months (also how scary is it that you can go to the doctor with a headache and have cancer? That little piece of this bigger piece jolted me.)

    we have a “Meet the teacher and the other parents” meeting with our Kindergarten tonight. I still can’t believe that Gio and Jacob are 5 and going to Kindergarten. On Friday, we take them for their testing for said Kindergarten. (insert O face from me.)

    we have a few busy weekends ahead of us, but nothing out of the ordinary. Looking forward to Memorial Day and a few days at my mom’s “other” house at the beach. After that, it’s summer and so I’ll be awaiting the summer. Oh and BlogHer in July.

    Same ole. SO I’m sending YOU all my good juju for the “grading your ass off” days and the summer stuff you have coming up.
    don’t worry I’ll text and bother you with emails anyway. 😉

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    • I didn’t even know the lady (working online does that to a department) but we were all blown away. One, maybe both, of our bosses flew to the funeral. Shocked doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  3. The e-magazine sounds very interesting, I’ll be sure and check it out! Summer break is less than a month away for us and that is when it gets very crazy around these parts. I like to keep my plans flexible because I have learned from experience that such things are almost always prone to change, and if I am not able or willing to go with the flow then I am just setting myself up for great disappointment. So, I will basically do what I usually do and hope that I can squeeze in some much-needed “me” time here and there….
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  4. Oh Jessie … I read your poem and it really got to me, especially after all the emotional changes I’ve gone through during the past months, all hinging on hope of course, and not wanting to be its slave. I loved your words and would love to see more of your poetry. I’m trying to touch base with my blog friends writings again and hope to be comfortable with my own words again soon.

    So glad you took time for some relaxation before all your summer work 🙂 . Take care.
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