I Saw Everything

“Have fun!” I waved Scott out the back door, false smile plastered on my face. Dear God, I thought he’d never leave. And yet, he’s ten minutes early. “Kids, good news! You’re having a play date with Kristopher.”


“Now.” Linda’s van honked from my driveway. I herded my children out front. “Hurry up.”

They couldn’t see my hands shaking as I shooed Sam to sit beside Kristopher. They couldn’t feel my heart racing as I kissed them goodbye. They had no idea what I was about to do. “Don’t forget Sam’s six o’clock meds.”

Linda held up the pill bottle. She knew. Moms can’t sneak around behind their husbands’ backs without conspirators.

“I sat in that office typing all day. I barely spoke to him. He knows I’m up to something, but can’t guess what.”

“You worry too much.”

“I think … I guess I need to see it with my own eyes.”

“I understand that.”  Linda backed out and I went inside.

I checked the clock and climbed in the shower. Can’t be late. I really wish Scott had left on time. Early throws me into a different kind of limbo. I dressed to blend in, blue earrings, black slacks, and a lightweight jacket-top.  Ticket? I ran it out to the car. Camera? Phone? Book? All collected. And I was still half an hour early.

I’m sorry, honey. I’m sorry about all the mess, and yes, lies. By now, you know I did not go to Linda’s with the kids but, instead followed you last night.


I had timed it so that if Scott stuck to the routine I expected, I would leave the house after him but reach the theater ahead of him. Well ahead. In fact, I arrived so early, I had to wait for the doors to open. And I beat him. Good.

Inside, I chose my seat and waited. The next part was the trickiest. I needed to hide. I was a voyeur here, and I didn’t want Scott to see me. Not yet. When he entered, he stopped once, at the opposite end of my row. But he walked past without turning his head. Danger averted.

I followed him with my eyes and zoomed in my camera. I needed to catch him, or this whole adventure would be pointless. I only needed one good shot. I wondered how rude it would be to read my book while I waited. Finally, the moment came.

A woman in a black and white dress spoke his name and took his hand. I had the big lens on the camera, and I caught him receiving the Teacher of the Year award at Troy’s graduation.

The recessional played, and you walked down my aisle, looking everywhere but forward. Then you glanced up and saw me, and your eyes widened. You reached out and touched my arm. That was all. The parade was moving too fast for more. But that look, that touch, I’ll carry those forever.




About jesterqueen:
Jessie Powell is the Jester Queen. She likes to tell you about her dog, her kids, her fiction, and her blog, but not necessarily in that order.


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  1. you got really great pictures Jessie.

    So happy for BOTH of you, an award so well deserved for him and you able to keep a secret allowing you to be there to witness it!

    I hope there is one of the BOTH of you.

    His smile really does say it all, although I know you are cherishing that touch.Thank you for sharing it all with us.

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    • Hurray! Andra Watkins is the mistress of the misdirection post, and I try to emulate her when I’m doing these things. Check out the one entitled “The hair down there” for a complete laugh.

  2. I got a little weepy at the end of this. What an amazing honor, and I love that moment the two of you had as he was walking out. You guys have such a special relationship, and it just shines out of your writing.
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  3. Ah! I feel bad that I believed this was going somewhere else! Congratulations to your husband and to you for being so stealthy. I love hearing about marriage relationships like this. It CAN work.
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    • Don’t feel bad! I was doing that on purpose! It’s a misdirection post. It means I have achieved my goal so that the ending was a complete twist.

  4. Oh, Jessie, tears are streaming down my face! Big congrats to your dear hubby. 🙂

  5. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thought this post was headed in a different direction. Happy to read that it was a good ending & not one of possible anger and an end to a relationship & family! So awesome that you were able to be there to surprise him and see him receive his award. Totally touching moment between the 2 of you! Congratulations to Scott as well. Such an amazing honor and award to receive and a surprise no less! wonderfully written post Jesterqueen. Most excellent- seems you had many of us thinking the worst & not good outcomes were coming. Kudos to you- especially if that’s what you were aiming for. If not, it was still a well written entry!!

  6. I felt awful that I thought this was going somewhere else, but so relieved by the end! Congratulations to your husband! What a sweet moment to catch.
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    • Thanks Brie,
      The misdirection was really fun. I twisted it one way and then another before the right thing settled in place.

  7. Thank you for taking us on this back alley journey to the award ceremony! It was great Jessie, and congrats to the hubby for a wonderful achievement.
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  8. Ok seriously. I have CHILLS. those pictures? just awesome. everything about this was just awesome. congrats to Scott!!
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  9. Love that he won the award and that you were there to see it. And the way you told the story and kept us guessing was brilliant.
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  10. What a glorious smile on Scott’s face! That alone would have made your clandestine efforts worth it. Congratulations to him and to you – him for his award, you for your excellent writing. Thanks for sharing your lovely story.

  11. This is a fabulous piece of writing. You really drew me in, and you totally surprised me with the ending.

  12. GOD, you write well and save all the awesome bits for the end of the post. Congratulations! It is indeed a great award and that picture is great. The clandestine mission well accomplished. 🙂
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  13. I’m pretty sure this is my favorite post out of every post I’ve ever read. True story.
    You are so real and I loved the details about what you wore and if it would have been rude to read a book. Haha.
    The last sentences made me weepy. You and Scott are one hell of a team. I’m happy for him and very proud.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome story and the fantastic pictures. LOVE!
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    • He was so funny. He realquicklysaidsomething into the mic and then sat back down. Because he hates to be the center of attention. So he was honored and embarrassed.

  14. So amazing! Congratulations to Scott, and well done, you! Sneaky for all the best reasons 🙂
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    • AND I knew for a whole month ahead and didn’t give it away. Oh GOD I had to sit on my hands so hard. I can’t keep a secret for anything. But I did this one!!

  15. Oh my gosh! You totally tricked me! That was fabulous! I couldn’t believe the twist, and all the while I was thinking, is she really writing about what I think she’s writing about! Really, really, great! Thank you for the surprise!
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  16. Next to the post where you describe your first date with Scott, this is definitely my favorite of yours. Congrats to Scott and congrats to the both of you…for the way the two of you are there for each other. xo
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  17. Wow! Congrats to Scott…way to go Teacher of the Year. Way to go Jessie to be there as a surprise. What a great memory for both of you! Love ya, Susie

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