Moving bodies in space

It’s easier to rock backwards than forwards; the push comes faster than the pull. My thighs quake as I strain, and for a moment, I’m holding up a hundred pounds of wood. I want to repeat this moment of perfect balance; I want moving furniture to come with the rhythm of sex. I want the crack of our bones when we come together to be the sound that formed the universe. I want the crack between our bodies to be an infinitesimal quark.


I always get nervous when I use two definitions of a Trifecta word. Note – I have #2 and #3 in there.


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Moving bodies in space — 10 Comments

  1. I read this before I clicked through to the photo, and was like, “Yay! You got a new sofa!” Because, from the way you described that sofa, moving it yourself would invoke the experience you describe. Plus, horrible back misalignment and possibly crushed appendages.
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  2. You’ve managed yet again to wow me. Excellent piecer. Thanks for sharing.