All My Best Friends Are Dead Rock Stars

deadrockEarlier, John Lennon wanted me to join together, or maybe that was Roger Daltry. Lennon was the guy telling me to let things be. But who can keep those old rockers straight? Half of them are dead anyway. Doesn’t stop grandma from blasting them all over the house. She’s even got LPs for Christ’s sake. I tell my friends they’re like early MP3s to save having to explain vinyl and EPs; 78s, 45s, and 33s.

She sashayed past my room an hour ago with a broom, and now she’s belting one out in the can while she scrubs the toilets. I do not want to hear about her good vibrations at this moment.

Used to, Sis would plug her smartphone into those speakers, and we’d rock with something current. But Sis hasn’t been home in four weeks, and grandma doubts she’ll come back until that stick-legged boyfriend of hers sticks his third leg up some other skirt.

Grandma likes to croon The Eagles and tell me to take it easy, but only half her family has up and gone on her. She’s still got me and Uncle Jack, who lives next door. Mom, Dad, Sis, every one of them has walked out on me, now. I used to think I had to put up with Grandma’s music to make her stay, but I eventually worked out she wasn’t going to leave her own house after living in it for thirty-odd years.

Some days, I’d like to go, too, to see how I did living on the road. But my band of friends would miss me, and I don’t guess I could ever really hitchhike and drum for my supper. It’s something to think about though, on days like today, when the rain hammers on my window and Grandma sings descant above men who’ve been dead longer than I’ve been alive, when she tells me about their friends who should have died with them all those eons ago.


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All My Best Friends Are Dead Rock Stars — 15 Comments

  1. Wheeeee. I love a good stroll, walk or hustle down memory lane. I was just listening to ‘I can’t Tell You Why’ and thinking about how much I really like The Eagles..
    Plus it’s the way you write, like you’re talking to me, telling me the story… And we’re giggling and sighing.. Even rolling our eyes at some parts.
    This just made me smile.. Thanks for sharing it.
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  2. This was fun! I smiled as I felt great knowing what you were talking about. Then I realized that the fact I know puts me in a certain age category. Oh well… Who care, our era has the best iconic music known to ourkind. If you don’t count the older dudes, Mozart and all of them.
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    • Ahaha! You’re so right! I went the other way – from the kid’s point of view, stuck and hating that he/she knows so damned much about classic fucking rock.

  3. “sticks his third leg up some other skirt.” Great line! Love this. My children, especially the youngest, my teen, thinks I’m ancient. I remember when growing up, my parents and I listened to the same music. Of course, my parents were barely out of their teens when they had me and music was well, good then. lol
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    • My kids too. I grew up really close to my grandparents, so I saw age differently than other people of my generation. Which I only figured out in my teens when somebody called her grandmother, who was significantly younger than mine, “old”, and I didn’t think of my grandparents, in their early seventies at the time, as “old” at all.

  4. “sticks his third leg” was so funny but I was smiling way before that! Of course, I love love all this music. Grandma is a great character and the way you tell a story, Jessie, always pulls me way in. Feels like I’m there somehow. Awesomeness!
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  5. Gorgeous writing as always. And I love the retro feel. The vinyl. The throwback to your grandmother and your sister. Transporting us to a different time and us getting to walk through the room with you.
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    • Not my grandmother! Hah! Anything later than Glenn Miller (“He died fighting for his COUNTRY, Jessie…”) was suspect, and Elvis (“That lascivious, malicious, woman-chaser”) was truly evil.

  6. his third leg up some other skirt. Hands down the best thing I’ve heard all week!
    You have equated me with a granny, Jesse. I do not know if I shall forgive you or not. *straightens 78s*
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  7. “His third leg up some other skirt” is priceless. Sigh…I am a granny who loves The Eagles, John Lennon, and most classic rock. Your story is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.