Corrections, corrections, corrections

This weekend, Trifecta has asked us to provide the 33 words that follow this illustration:



Typically, I don’t include other people’s pictures on my blog. It gives me the copyright heebie-jeebies. But Trifecta swears it’s OK as long as we give a link back to and credit Poisoned Playground. Also, the whole entry makes no sense whatsoever without the context of the image. I have also taken wild liberties with the prompt. They said “Give us the 33 words that follow this illustration. What happens next?” They did not say that the following 33 words all had to be in the story’s TEXT.


“The mummy…”


“…rose and, Jared…”

“And Sophie!”

“… I’m getting there. Jared and Sophie…”

“Saw their monster!”

“For someone who can’t read, you know a lot of words in a brand new book.”


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Corrections, corrections, corrections — 10 Comments

  1. You are going to make me cry with this post! Helping children. including my own, learn to read has been my life’s work. Helping them to make that intellectual connection between words on a page and words spoken aloud is always exciting. Even more so, helping to plant the seeds of self-confidence within them by pointing out that they know a word here and a word there and that they are becoming GREAT READERS!!! and seeing them smile a little and straighten up a little more, is one of the main reasons I have made teaching my career. People who say that teachers get into teaching because of the holidays don’t understand what you have, so succinctly, stated in your 33 words! There is much wisdom in every keystroke of this post. Thank you so much for creating such a moving post out of such a cartoon photo. What a brilliant and compassionate writer and person you are! 🙂

  2. Jessie, this is a wonderful write. It reminds me of reading with my dad and although I couldn’t read I knew every page of my favourite books. Then when Mum read and tried to skip pages I would shout at her she was doing it wrong. Great and original use of the prompt!
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  3. I love this – and the excitement that goes along with a brand new book on zombies and monsters. Perfect for the season.
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  4. Yes, this brings back Ant and Bee, and Dr. Seuss.
    Something about this dialog, though, made me think, just for a teensie second, that maybe they knew more about the characters… *shiver*
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