“Sam, why did you bite your friend?”

“I didn’t.”

“Oh yes you did. Hard enough to bruise. His Mom told me.”

“Mom, I didn’t bite him.” Arms crossed, Sam stomps. “I pinched him.”


Holy moly, cats, it’s been three weeks. The Nutcracker cracked my figurative nuts this year. But it was good, and the kids had a great time, except for the moment mentioned above. I’m finally hooking up with Trifecta again, just in time for the editors to switch things up and put Trifecta and Trifextra in alternating weeks. This is good. It isn’t like I have time for many more than 33 words this week, even with the annual cracking of the nuts behind me.

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  1. Technically, biting and pinching are two totally different things. Sam is like my son, extremely literal. I hope life calms down for you all now, and peace reigns.
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    • You have no idea how much your experiences with him comfort me. There’s a ten year old at their school with similar issues, and I love his mother to death, and I look at that kid, who is still struggling, and I think, “Sam will make it to ten”. And I look at (figuratively) your son, who may have his issues, but who is nonetheless thriving, and I think, “and everything might come close to OK.”

  2. oh,how honest;)My daughter had recd such a bite when she was in play school-she was a very loving kid and tried to give another girl a hug and was bitten-it would have drawn blood had it not been winter and had she not been wearing a full shirt and pullover ,lol!Well,taught her to keep her distance;-)
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    • Nope. Poor kid. Asked “OK, then why did you PINCH him?” his reply was, universally, both to me and the other Mom, “because he was standing next to me.” And the real question, which I only realized later, should have been, “Why did you want to pinch ANYbody?” (Answer: because he was hungry.)

  3. I was hoping this post would be about the Nutcracker. I remember reading about it last year! And it IS about the Nutcracker – as you say. A very specific incident. Which I assume is well behind you now! I hope the show had a great run!
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  4. This is a topic that is close to my heart… Cheers! Exactly where are your contact details though?
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