You Might Be a Geek If

You might be a geek if


These are the signs of geekdom in my house. What signs do you see on a regular basis?

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What kind of geek are you?


You Might Be a Geek If — 6 Comments

  1. Signs of geekdom breeding indeed. My sign of geekdom is that all my movies are in a hard drive, and all I ever watch on tv is stuff from my media player/hard drive. That is when I’m not on my computer working on websites and translating a #$?@ html designing software. Other sign of geekdom for me is that I know what a pulldown menu is called in french, ditto on toggle switches, popup menu and all sorts of goodies like that.

    I love geeks.

  2. Haha! The word in our house is “actually” not “literally” and I love that you have some geeks around and only 1 TV!

  3. Oh, I am terrible about the literally thing. I’m guessing that the fact that I haven’t passed it on to my nonexistent kids (yet?) doesn’t really get me off the hook there.

    I don’t remember the Voltron incantation but I continue to remember that stupid 10-second pop song Minmay was always singing on Robotech. I’m not sure that’s not worse.
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