Mysterious Eight

So I posted a bunch of links a couple of weeks ago with promises to give more in depth information about each one. I’ve covered the writers conferences, and I’ve covered my new book. I’ll get around to my kids, sooner or later, if for no other reason than because I left Sam hanging from a precipice last time you read about him. (FIGURATIVELY!)

But today, I want to draw your attention to the anthology I’m honored to be a part of. The brilliant Michael Guillebeau, author of Josh Whoever masterminded this plot to introduce readers to new authors. He found seven other writers with  drastically different styles and got us each to provide a chapter sample and a short story.In addition to himself, he got works from me, Lisa Wysocky, Jaden Terrell, Chris Knopf, Kathleen Cosgrove, Lisa Alber, and Larissa Reinhart.  We’re the #MysteriousEight.  He gave the resulting book the inspired title Eight Mystery Writers You Should Be Reading Now and put it up for sale. In fact, it’s a free download for the rest of today (Feb. 21), and it will be free again on Feb. 29. (And it’s only $2.99 otherwise.) A paperback version will soon be available for $12.99.


Let me pause to go all fangirl for a second here. HOLY SHIT. Go read their biographies. I’ll wait.

GOOD GOD. These people aren’t just writers. They’re WRITERS. They’ve gained serious acclaim. They’ve won awards. They’re really fucking good. And Michael invited me to contribute my stuff alongside theirs. #AuthorDreamComeTrue.

And then something bigger happened. The project became something more than the sum of its parts about two weeks after Michael had identified the final author. He sent around a cheerfully casual e-mail message that Hank Phillippi Ryan would write our foreword. I presume she needs no introduction, but in case you aren’t familiar, I’ll wait while you go read her biography, too.

Okay, so now you understand why I fell off my chair when he said that. Seriously. If I hadn’t already gone into fangirlbliss, that pretty well cemented my location on cloud nine.

And she did more than write a foreword. She also allowed us to contribute to two well respected mystery-author blogs, Jungle Reds and Femmes Fatales. Those are hyperlinks, y’all. Go read them. And go download the book. Other people have used well spoken descriptions like, “a fantastic way to find a new author to love”. But I’ll say it my way. I’m awed to be a part of this group, because these people are fucking awesome.

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