Feeding the Troops

This is a continuation of the e-mail I sent my mother-in-law in preparation for our whirlwind tour of Ohio last week. By the way. Note the absence of a photo in yesterday’s post. I forgot the camera.

Spring Break Shuffle II (Feeding the Troops)

Foods-my-kids-may-eat-depending-upon-the-alignment-of-the-stars. (This is a list to give you ideas – not a comprehensive collection of things I think you should buy for a very short visit!)

Caroline has been eating salads if we let her dump on tons of dressing, cheese, and bacon bits. (She likes it even better if it’s a steak salad.) But by “eating” I mean, “stabbing with a fork while looking skeptical, then chewing several dainty bites to be polite”. (This is a sometimes food.)

Sam will eat very-green-lettuce-but-not-spinach with barbecue sauce. (I know. Yuck. Don’t ask.) (This is a sometimes food)

Sam still eats corn. (So far, unwaveringly.)

Caroline is an avocado fiend (No danger of this one going out of fashion.)

They both really enjoy mangoes right now. (Sam sometimes hates them, though.)

Pears are a huge hit, but they won’t ripen for love, money, nor dark brown paper bags down here. We have one set that Scott got on February 4th. FEBRUARY 4th!! And we’ve had them in a brown paper bag in a toasty corner ever since. We check them daily. One of them rotted. The rest are STARTING to get yellow.

Pasta (But not Caroline. Only Sam eats this right now.)


If you can convince Sam that a particular meat (any particular meat) was mailed to him by Aunt H. (no idea how she would have done this, but Sam doesn’t understand postal regulations or food preservation laws yet) he will at least try it with barbecue sauce.

Sam eats some lunch meats (usually turkey) with barbecue sauce.

They both eat lasagna (thanks again to Aunt H., who is magic) and the Easy Cheese and Noodle casserole that you gave Scott the recipe for before he went crazy and married me. (That’s thanks to Scott. He cooks this one to perfection.)

Caroline eats hot dogs.

Sam eats yogurt alternate Fridays, if the moon is full, the flavor is “right”, and the texture is “perfect”. Also, if he feels contrary, he doesn’t.

Caroline is a Triscuit fan.

We’ll have Goldfish snacks along with us.

Sam eats cream cheese.

Caroline eats all cheese.

Caroline eats Perogies. Potato and other.

I figured out that her issue with the mashed potatoes at Xmas was that she didn’t want to make you feel bad by dumping what she considers the requisite amount of ranch dressing on them. I told her Grandma didn’t care if she flavored her food. (Ranch dressing is Caroline’s barbecue sauce right now).

That’s all I can think of.

Good gravy. My children don’t need a nanny. They need an executive assistant.



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Feeding the Troops — 2 Comments

  1. I’m with Caroline, ranch is an excellent tool to flavor foods. Even as an adult at 33, ranch is usually involved in most dinners & even some lunches depending on what I’m having. I even dipped a bit of fried shrimp in the tiniest bit the other night, I ordered & habitually asked for it, don’t know why though? In school a group of us used to share a plate at lunch & get scoops of croutons for the salad & snack on those dipped in ranch, no lie. Fear not, she is not outside the realm of normalcy in her use of ranch as a flavor enhancer, although I’ve never thought to add it to mashed potatoes. Guess I more prefer cheese &/or bacon…

  2. Barbecue sauce for the WIN! Seriously, it’s so good. Though maybe not on the green stuff. Then again 😉