Guest Post: The Color of Hope

Oh - and he's an awesomesauce nature photographer

Oh – and he’s an awesomesauce nature photographer

My husband has got, bar none, the coolest friends. He’s not a party animal, and he only connects with a few people. But when he does, it’s a lifetime bond. And they keep cropping up. Seriously. We’ve been married eleven years now, and just last year we found a college buddy of his on Facebook.

Randal Horobik works for a newspaper in Wyoming, and he coaches the high school NFL team. (That’s National Forensics League to the underinformed, and NO Forensics doesn’t have to mean Kay Scarpetta’s on line one.) Not surprising, since he and Scott did speech and debate together in their Wooster Years.… Read the rest

Little Red Posting Hood

The first meme I ever heard about, long before I thought about participating myself, was this one called The Red Dress Club. It was inspired by something The Bloggess said. (That link is just a generic link to her, not to whatever she said.) Anyway, it was months before I jumped onto the meme wagon myself. And by then, The Red Dress Club had become Write on Edge.

It was only the second meme I ever participated in, and it was the first one that gained me any sort of a following. I really cut my teeth meme-ing teeth on Write on Edge’s prompts.… Read the rest

Suess’s Pieces

Emily Suess’s was one of the first freelance blogs I stumbled upon with a collection of useful resources. Surely, it isn’t the only one, but I have found it’s one of the best. I am honored to have a guest post at her bloggy home today! Check it out, and if you freelance at all, take a look around her website to find handy links and tips.

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Yeah Write Wrocks

So there’s this meme out there… I do a LOT of memes. When I dive into a project, I leap in feet first and swim fast down to the deep end. And ever since last October when the meme bug bit me, I’ve been throwing myself after writing prompts and new communities. Anyway, this summer, I finally caught up with the folks at yeah write. They only allow fifty people into their competitive grid, and sometimes, they offer real prizes. But oh yeah, that grid fills fast. Until this summer, I never got my posts written in time to participate.… Read the rest

Guest Posts With The Jester

Last week, the very awesome Tricia at Raising Humans hosted me for a guest post about raising my little humans. I talked about some of our musical moments and, bonus, sang absurd children’s songs to be posted on the internet! And then I forgot. I completely FORGOT ABOUT IT. Friday was the first day of school for us, the post went live Thursday, and I submitted it towards the end of July, so my mind zipped it out of existence. So, please, if you haven’t already followed from one of my tweets or facebook posts, take a look at my post over on Tricia’s site.… Read the rest

Guest Post Studio 30 Plus

Hey everybody,

I wrote a guest post at studio 30 plus today talking about how to show your work in narrative fiction and nonfiction. If you’ve always struggled with ‘show don’t tell’, come drop by the studio. (And join up with an awesomely diverse community of bloggers while you’re there!)

Show Me The STORY!

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All Fooked Up

It’s a day of guest posts and fantastic followups for me today.

First, I have a hilarious guest post up on Lynn’s blog, All Fooked Up today. I actually first came to All Fooked Up because another blogger did a guest post. When Missy, The Literal Mom did this post about her favorite word, I followed along to discover other bloggers who adore F-bombs as much as I do. I subscribed immediately, and I haven’t been disappointed.

Lynn runs a regular guest post series called Go Ahead, Amuse Me where she features funnies from other bloggers. She welcomes guest posts, too, you just have to be FUNNY.… Read the rest