Review: The Avengers

So, lately my response to stress has been to go see films. Or anyway, that’s how I’m justifying two weeks in a row at the movies. Thanks to the world’s most amazing sitter, last night was movie night WITH Scott, and we FINALLY saw The Avengers.

My review? Ah yes, now I remember why I was only half tolerant of Snow White and the Huntsman. Snow White wasn’t written by Joss Whedon. And although it had action and kept the romantic tension on the back burner, it was not an action adventure flick. It was more a swashbuckler. And I like to swash buckles.… Read the rest

Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

When we went to Florida last year, we stopped at a gas station to pee. Because it was Florida, the station doubled as a tourist trap, as they all did, and I typically darted into the toilet only to emerge to quell the ‘I wants’. Except it wasn’t an ‘I want’ at this particular station. It was “Mom, LOOK, this shirt is perfect for you!!”.
I'm Grumpy, Don't Make It Worse

I'm Grumpy, Don't Make It Worse

And she did this with the wide eyed innocence of the truth speakers. (I was in the midst of a hell med change during that whole summer; I’m not surprised at this perception.) (Naturally, and unlike when she ‘I want’ed me, I bought her something.… Read the rest