On trains

It wasn’t the first time. I want to travel. I  want to ride Eurail and sleep on the Berlin Night Express. I want to wear metal shoes, let scream my brakes, and chuff down the line to forever.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

This weekend at Trifecta, we get to add our 33 words to the five “It wasn’t the first time”.  In case you wonder, because Madame Syntax would, the tense change is deliberate.

And hey, notice anything DIFFERENT? Looks nothing like my test, does it? That’s because I got awesome feedback about what looked good and what didn’t. And it’s also because the amazingly generous Marie Nichole of My Cyber House Rules made me a header and a button.Read the rest

More shots from the train

In light of the fact that I spent most of the day keeping a hacking-sneezing Sam quiet in preparation for his birthday party, then had an intense two hours of PARTAY, I’ve gotten no writing done today. Luckily, I’ve got some train photos that didn’t fit with the memories captured theme, and this is the perfect moment to show them. Enjoy!
Young Blue Eyes

Don't you love how the blue train in the background makes Sam's blue eyes just pop?

Caroline along the rails

Here's Caroline in the observation car, looking out over the railing. She thought I was photographing the train and therefore didn't pose. I love the faraway look in her eyes.

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Train Time

TracksBack and forth the car swayed, and the couple in the sleeper argued on.

Ann said, “Amtrak never gets anyplace on time.”

For the fourth time, I’m sorry,” said Karl.

“Sorry!” Ann’s voice rose. “We’re in the middle of Nebraska, and the wedding starts in an hour. This is the worst gift you could have given me.” Karl didn’t answer, and Ann didn’t stop. “You’re so cheap!”

“What do you mean, cheap?” he protested. “This cost us twice as much as plane tickets.”

“And it’s taking four days instead of four hours! What a waste of money.” Ann pounded on the window.… Read the rest

Train train

The weekend after I got back from my solo Ohio trip, I had scheduled a surprise for our family. (This was a bad idea; I’m even worse at planning surprises than I am at keeping them.) I wrote the melodramatic message “Make no plans. Board the dog” across the calendar weekend of December 10th and waited for Scott to notice.

It involved a giant topiary moose

I actually did a very good job of waiting, since I bought the tickets towards the end of November, and he didn’t notice until the day before I left for Cincinnati. He was adding a kid therapy to the calendar and asked “What plans aren’t we making next weekend?… Read the rest

Train In The Distance

For our honeymoon, Scott and I took the train to Denver, then rented a car to go  in a giant circle, ending in the Mile High City once again. In two weeks, we drove, rode, or slept through thirteen states. (Travel tip? For Christ’s sake don’t do that. Take more time, OK?)

Amtrack from Cincinnati to Chicago was awesome. We took a Pullman and ate in the dining car. From Chicago to Denver? Less so. We were on top of a double decker, and my motion sickness never once relented. My body was sure the train was climbing into the mountains when it was on the flat plains of Nebraska.… Read the rest