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Dead Meme alert. Bella over at If THIS is Motherhood tried to run a meme. We’ll try again soon.

Set list

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It’s starting to feel like the chorus of a Billy Joel song around here.

Whitney Houston, Davey Jones,
melatonin wouldn’t solve their woes.
We didn’t start the fiiire …
And so on. (You have to sing melatoninwouldn’t like it’s all one word for my shitty line to fit up there. Work with me here.)

Whitney Houston’s death seems particularly tragic since she died in a bathtub. Jones’ heart attack feels more natural, even though it might have been just as preventable for all I know. Anyway, I thought it might do to put these deaths in perspective with other musicians who have died too soon.

The most recent, of course, is Michael Jackson, whose doctor was just found guilty of homicide. It is impossible now, to know what his comeback tour would have produced. We are no closer to fully solving questions about his behavior with young children. Cleared of charges, yes, but not of suspicion. But he’s not the only one.

We’ve been losing rock stars ever since they started singing. Even more so since they discovered hard drugs. I’ll give you a list here of the ones I can think of without research.

The plane crash that took Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Richie Valens, of course, spurred “Bye Bye Miss American Pie”. The separate crashes that that killed Otis Redding and three members of Lynyrd Skynyrd.* didn’t generate tribute songs that I know of. I don’t think much can be learned from these deaths. Unless it’s ‘don’t fly in a small private plane if you don’t have to’, but I think that’s a little unfair, and it does nothing to address car crashes (damned nearly claimed Gloria Estefan), or other accidental deaths (Eric Clapton’s son who fell out a window. Christ.)

Similarly, it’s hard to pinpoint any teachable (or possibly learnable) moments from medical deaths. I think one of the members of the Byrds got blindsided by a heart attack. I’m pretty sure Mama Cass choked to death. (Jesus, what a way to go.) Strokes, pneumonia, complications from HIV (fare thee well Freddie Mercury), all of these things amount to a life cut short, a career ended brutally. Even June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash whose careers were long and storied belong on this list. They died of natural causes before they were ready to stop singing, before we were ready to stop listening.

It gets more senseless from there. The drug deaths? Elvis on the can, Marilyn Monroe sprawled across her bed, Janis Joplin beside the bed, Jim Morrison in a Paris hotel (God knows about the bed), Jimi Hendrix in his apartment. The suicides? Michael Hutchence hanging in an Australian hotel room, Kurt Cobain with a shotgun and a note. The murders? John Lennon shot by a crazed man, Selena shot by a former employee, Tupac shot in the street, Jam Master Jay shot to death in a recording studio. Death doesn’t get more violent or immediate.

The list is incomplete – it’s just what I could come up with without looking. That so many names should come to mind one after the other after the other speaks volumes to the dangers that come with musical fame. And in the last few weeks, two more names have gone on that roll. Whitney Houston, drowned in her own bathtub, and Davey Jones, heart attack.  James Dean may have thought it better to burn out than to fade away, but I personally would like to see more of my idols die from the complications of old age.

I suppose the only thing left to say has already been sung by The Righteous Brothers (Bobby Hatfield, cocaine). They got a hell of a band somewhere, people. A hell of a band.


*  Confession. I cannot spell Lynyrd Skynyrd without research. I had to Google that. The overuse of the letter y in place of “eo”, “a” or “i”  throws me. In my stupid rigidly grammatical mind, the band pops up Leonard Skinnard, even though this isn’t an area where I object to the poetic license. It just won’t stick.

Do I care, Jessie? Quit interrupting yourself woman.

I’m finally submitting to my own meme, my life in music hosted with Bella of If This is Motherhood. Stop by with your own tributes and memorials.


My Life In Music: Whitney Houston

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It’s an every other Thursday folks (like that has a whole lot of meaning to you who are not tracking Thursdays) so it’s time for Bella and I to host another edition of My Life In Music. This round is dedicated to Whitney Houston. Bella is a Whitney fan, and, while I’m not,  I have a lot of respect for the lady and a great deal to say about the tragedy of her death. I’ll be adding my actual submission to the meme in a couple of days, but for now, I wanted to get it up and running over here at Jester Queen.

If you participate, please take a moment to comment on Bella’s and my submissions and at least one other person’s. Beyond that,  just follow the prompt! There is nothing else.  You can post a list of songs, a music video or even just the lyrics of a song! Any genre, any song.  Tell us what it means to you — why it is significant in your life.  That’s all there is to it! Let’s have some fun sharing our lives through music!!.

Sentimental Journey

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My grandparents dated in the era of Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey. I’m told they both could cut quite a rug. And their song, the one that could lift them both from any sorrow, even the death of their only son, was “Sentimental Journey”. They liked many versions, but none better than those sung by Doris Day.

When my grandmother came home to die, I ransacked Wal-Mart. I found and purchased the last Big Band CD in the place. I brought it back and put it on the CD player for her. I played their song, and my grandparents smiled.


I’m linking this post with two memes. It’s my second stab at Lance’s 100 (not 99, not 101) word song-inspired post. This week’s title was Bob Mould’s See a Little Light.

It’s also my first submission for the My Life in Music series. That’s a new meme Bella over at If This Is Motherhood and I are putting together. Come play with us, won’t you?

My Life In Music February 14

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I’m so excited! Bella over at If This is Motherhood and I are teaming up to present a new Meme every other week. Here’s the story. A few weeks ago, Bella posted an entry about her favorite group, Nickelback. I gotta admit, I’m no Nickelback fan. But her post showed so eloquently why she loves the band that while I was reading her entry, I WANTED to be a Nickelback fan.

In that post, she said she would someday do a series about her life in music, and when I read that, bells went off in my head. I e-mailed her fast saying something to the effect of “ZOMG I want in!”

It’s a few weeks later, and now Bella has designed our awesome logo, and we’re ready to go live with our first link-up, below. Here are the (very loose) rules.

The linky will open up on a Thursday and stay live until time for the next edition. We’ll run this every other week, so people have a long time to submit. (That means that if you submit early, we’d love it if you could come back and comment on the posts of those who come after you!)

We’ll establish a theme for each session, and we ask that your post fit within that theme. This first week, for instance, we’re doing

But that is all. As Bella says,

       Just follow the prompt! There is nothing else.  You can post a list of songs, a music video or even just the lyrics of a song! Any genre, any song.  Tell us what it means to you — why it is significant in your life.  That’s all there is to it! Let’s have some fun sharing our lives through music!!.

We’d also be really happy if you would grab a button and link back to us so others can play. So, get ready, get set, share.

Feel free to grab a button and link back up. You can just copy and paste the picture and include Bella’s or my URL in your linkback, or you can grab the following code:

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