Thank GOD for car insurance

but you stopped reading after you saw $5 and determined there were 3 place settings at the table after 5, didn’t you? I sure did the first time the adjuster said it. And he said that once the body shop gets into my car, the number is almost sure to go up.  Be still my heart.

Although the other driver was at fault, it’s unclear (still) whether the DRIVER’S COMPANY’S insurance (remember, he works for a body shop) covers this, or whether the CAR OWNER’S insurance covers it. It’s probably the DRIVER’S COMPANY’S. But while we wait to figure that out, I’m going through my insurance, because I want my damned car back before its value drops so low that an estimate that high means “we total the vehicle”.… Read the rest

Three wrecks

I was 19 and lost. I didn’t see the stop sign until a truck struck my sedan. No injuries, but the car was totaled. I thought I was taking my friend to research.

I was 21 and new to Kentucky. I stopped at the light, but the car behind me didn’t. She thought the light was yellow. I thought I was taking Mom to the castle.

I was 35 and composed. I had the green light, but the other car didn’t see me. He thought he was moving a vehicle. I thought I was taking my kids to swim.… Read the rest

The blue and the white (cars)

Boy, do I know how to hold the red flag up for Karma! Last November, I wrote about having only ever been in two car wrecks. Karma thought that wasn’t fair. Because now, I’ve been in three. I refuse to use this for my Trifecta entry. RE. Fuse. Oh hell, I’ll probably use it for Trifecta, but with more details and stuff. This one is just the nitty gritty of ‘how I spent my 14th day of my kids summer vacation. Everyone is fine, in both cars. My grandfather said that any accident you can walk away from is a good accident, and I have to say I agree with that assessment.… Read the rest