A week in pictures

So, the last time you heard from them, our caterpillars had just arrived. They came with a note that said they would start to form chrysalides (John Wyndham fans kindly note the extra ‘e’) in five to seven days. Clearly, somebody informed these guys of the meaning of “make them wait in anticipation”.

To remind you, here was day 1:

Hi guys (Day 1)

Not the greatest picture, but I’m sorry to say none of them with my big camera have been. (Aside. Scott, I know we never exchange whatever day gifts. BUT. If you were so inclined, a fisheye lens for my rebel would be just the perfect mother’s day gift.) Ahem.… Read the rest

House guests

We have house guests. This is all Annabelle’s fault. She wrote a cute post over at Glass of Fancy about how she once sent her brother live bullfrogs. She said, “It’s amazing the things you can find in biological supply catalogs online”.

Immediately, I thought of my niece. Bing! went my brain. My Mom was Madame Fruit Fly Experiment when I was a kid. She bought Kaylee an Ant farm, and they adore it. She has a pond, sometimes a swimming pool, full of tadpoles. Wouldn’t she and Kay LOVE to WATCH the frogs develop? What CAN I get from biological supply?… Read the rest