No (It’s too damned hot, dog)

Dear Chewie,

The kids beat the heat in lots of ways. They spend a couple of days building Lego vehicles.

Lego City Firetruck

Here’s our progress after day one (roughly two hours) of building

And playing with them.


Which meant dinner was late, since the kitchen table was his playing surface.

He played with it for a good two hours.










Daddy reads them books.

Read with Daddy

Here, Caroline, how about a book or ten?

I take them to the pool.


Seriously. It was 104 in the sun at the pool. But his lips were blue just before I shot the photo.

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Chewie Goes Berserk

We give Chewie rawhide treats. He takes them outside and buries them. And then, every night, he digs one up to bring in so he can snuggle it. Yes really, he wants to snuggle his stinky, muddy bone like my kids snuggle stuffed animals. I try to convince him to leave it outdoors, but if I take it away, he picks it up. If I throw it, he goes after it, and if I hide it, he cries inconsolably. No, really, I actually can’t seem to hide it very well because, hello, everyplace I pick is outdoors. So really, he just goes and gets it again.… Read the rest

Oedipus, Oedipus, Mom

Until I get my new theme installed, this refuses to show big enough.  Just click the picture a couple of times to make it work. Sorry.

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In the wild, or even in the country, dogs can dig deep into the earth, plant their bones in rich dirt and red clay.

In the city, we have to make due with what’s on hand.

But we’re resourceful.

Rest assured, wherever we grow, the bones get buried, carefully hidden and covered.


I love this dog. He drives me nuts. He’s clingy, he thinks he’s MY dog, and he licks his paws and tick-tacks down the hall too loudly. But seriously. Every day, he buries a new bone in Caroline’s Dora couch. And always with the same sense of relief and satisfaction.  … Read the rest

Let’s talk about my dog

OK, it looks like my dog ate the internet. That’s the only explanation I have for the posts that won’t show on my site. It’s getting WAY annoying people. But. Hopefully it works again today, and the dog will be allowed to live. Oh wait. Update. He ate my blog. Same diff. Thanks to … I don’t know what, I’ve had to change my WordPress Theme. Please be patient as I work through customization to get things up and running again.

As you know, Fudge died a couple of weeks ago at the age of eleven, and we’ve been dogless since.  … Read the rest