Cena Mexicana

Not the sopapillaWe don’t eat out often. With two kids on the spectrum and one of those kids being Sam, we forego most public dining opportunities. However. In order to buy me editing time for my second novel, we’ve been travelling a lot. Scott drives, I edit, and the kids entertain themselves with handheld games. We go somewhere fun and spend time together as a family, then I edit more on the way home. Win-win.

Except that my kids are hungry people. And when they get hungry? My people get cranky. And we don’t always bring enough snacks. SO we sometimes have to stop to eat, and we sometimes stop where no fast food is available, or when we’re just sick to death of the stuff.… Read the rest

Best Birthday Present Ever

Last month, when I went up to Cincinnati, I got to see my Dad. It’s the first time I’ve seen him without my kids since Caroline was born. We had an awesome lunch, and he gave me my birthday present. Now, Dad and I don’t typically exchange gifts. Only when we’ve found something worth giving, really.

He had been hinting about this present for months. He kept saying  “You are gonna blister me when you see this thing”. I couldn’t imagine.  Because Dad has pulled some very strange gifts out of thin air in the past. He got our family a Toboggan for four when we lived in Lexington, KY.… Read the rest