Suess’s Pieces

Emily Suess’s was one of the first freelance blogs I stumbled upon with a collection of useful resources. Surely, it isn’t the only one, but I have found it’s one of the best. I am honored to have a guest post at her bloggy home today! Check it out, and if you freelance at all, take a look around her website to find handy links and tips.

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Trifextra: Divorce: A Love Story, Spoilers

Jamie made the first merge of her nine-hour drive and pushed the car faster as she started singing along, understanding exactly which way to go, the music of her childhood all around her.


Dear Trifecta, thank you for letting me abuse your meme to advertise my novel again. Dear readers, that’s my novel’s last line, but if you think it’s a spoiler, you’re dead wrong.  Take a chance on an e-book, and I think I might just convert you to electronic tomes.

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Divorce: A Trifecta Love Story


The road manager was puking in the public bathroom.


She had been backstage, keeping an eye on things, watching out for security hassles. And then she urgently needed air that didn’t taste stale.



Those are (almost word for word) the first 33 words of my novel Divorce: A Love Story. And if you want to read the other 73,000 or so of them,  you can always buy it in the links in my sidebar. (It’s an e-book. It’s $3, and you can read it on your PC. Kindle and Nook both have features that allow you to enjoy e-books without an e-reader.) This shameless pandering has been brought to you by those crazy people over at Trifecta, who asked for the first 33 words of our novels.… Read the rest

Divorce: A Love Story

Three. Two. One.

Come here. Get really close. I don’t want anybody to miss the story. Everybody gathered around? Great.


                                                 Can you believe it???

Sorry sorry! Didn’t mean to burst any of the eardrums. Hey! Come back. I’ll speak more softly, promise. My publisher Throwaway Lines released the e-book edition of my novel Divorce: A Love Story yesterday on Amazon and B&N. ON MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY. Thank you SJ and Jason. Oh GOD I’m so happy. For a low $2.99, You can download the novel. Don’t have a Kindle or Nook? No worries. You can grab it for your PC, MAC, i-pad, or smartphone right now if you just download the free app from the Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites.… Read the rest