Warning: TMI to follow

schnozzMy driving distractions don’t usually take my eyes off the road. Sure, I punch endlessly at the radio buttons and pass things over my shoulder to the backseat passengers. And yes, I answer the Bluetooth and use it to call out from time to time. Handsfree is a Godsend. But I don’t text or even really dial my phone. I don’t whip around to glower at the small people sitting behind me.

But this morning I sneezed, and I came to a sudden crisis point behind the wheel. It wasn’t one of those “Ah-ah-achoo” sneezes where there’s buildup and prep time.… Read the rest

In cars

We’re getting ready to buy a car, and I feel awkward admitting it, but we’re comfortably enough in the middle class that we can afford to buy the vehicle brand new.  Until I met Scott, a “new” vehicle to me was “less than ten years old with fewer than 100,000 miles on it”. I grew up in a family of used cars, and the only new one we ever owned was obscenely expensive and broke down more frequently than the used ones it supposedly outclassed. 

The first car I recall us having was a 1968 Oldsmobile. I may be wrong about the car’s year, but that’s how I remember it.… Read the rest

Up On the Rooftop…

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Every vote counts, and I’m grateful for all of your support.

Now, to the blog entry…

Last week, I forgot the keys on top of the car. Again. I’m getting to be notorious for this, and those damned things are expensive. They’re the ones with the beeper ON the key head that cost eighty bucks to replace. Though they’re certainly not the only things I leave on the roof, they are by far the most costly.

Or anyway, so far they’re the most costly.… Read the rest