Guest Posts With The Jester

Last week, the very awesome Tricia at Raising Humans hosted me for a guest post about raising my little humans. I talked about some of our musical moments and, bonus, sang absurd children’s songs to be posted on the internet! And then I forgot. I completely FORGOT ABOUT IT. Friday was the first day of school for us, the post went live Thursday, and I submitted it towards the end of July, so my mind zipped it out of existence. So, please, if you haven’t already followed from one of my tweets or facebook posts, take a look at my post over on Tricia’s site.… Read the rest

Guest Post Studio 30 Plus

Hey everybody,

I wrote a guest post at studio 30 plus today talking about how to show your work in narrative fiction and nonfiction. If you’ve always struggled with ‘show don’t tell’, come drop by the studio. (And join up with an awesomely diverse community of bloggers while you’re there!)

Show Me The STORY!

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Find me at The Literal Mom

Hey everybody, Missy over at The Literal Mom invited me to do a guest post today, and you can find out some more about our family vacation/reunion by clicking the picture below! Thanks to Missy for letting me participate in her Good Old Fashioned Summer!

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Guesting at Cameron D. Garriepy’s Story Circle

Good morning, everyone. I couldn’t stand to leave the letter to Fudge on the front page more than a few hours. Fortunately, I didn’t have to! I have a guest post up today. I’m starting the May Story Circle over at Cameron D. Garriepy’s web home.

I can’t even begin to say how thrilled I am. I first read something of Cameron’s when she posted a Linky over at Write on Edge. Proving that I live under a ROCK, I didn’t realize that she is one of the Write on Edge site editors for several weeks after that. What I did realize was that this woman is a writer.… Read the rest

Guest Post: Aboveboard

Hello people of the internet! The awesome Carrie over at Views From Nature is on vacation this week, and as such, she has invited some of us to guest post in her stead. I’m totally thrilled to say that I’m kicking off her week.

Come check out my story “Aboveboard” over at Carrie’s today, where I’m the first of the tourists:


While you’re there, you should also take a look at some of Carrie’s wonderful stories, including her awesome ongoing series. Although I had been an occasional reader of her blog before I started doing Trifecta posts, I got addicted with her series about “The Glade”.… Read the rest