Look Ma, No Hair

So, back on Mother’s day, I ran my first ever guest post. It was by my husband. This time, I’ve captured someone even more elusive. One of my best girlfriends. Jenny goes by Jennifer these days, and we go way back. Waaay back. She was my first friend. My preschool friend. My spend-the-night-every-weekend-as-long-as-our-parents-will-endure-it friend. We were tight. Where I’m brash and outspoken, given to outbursts and impulsive actions, she’s thoughtful and analytical, no less outspoken given the right set of circumstances, but not at all prone to drawing attention to herself. She uses social media, but only in specific ways.… Read the rest

Hair…A History

Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, Andra Watkins of The Accidental Cootchie Mama wrote this in my comments:

Submitted on 2012/03/14 at 10:38 am

Jessie, I wish I had the nerve to go to a stylist and just let them do whatever they thought would look good on me. I have never, ever been able to do that and have largely been saddled with the same cut for more than a decade. I did make the radical move to change my hair color to red, but I don’t like it, and I don’t know what else to do, and my stylist likes it, so I just keep listening to her.… Read the rest

Hair today… you know

I have this hair stylist. She’s not what you might expect. Or really, I don’t know what you might expect. Because I’ve never had a hairstylist before. My idea of haircut is ‘pay little and expect similar results’. I can’t exactly remember how I started going to this place. Possibly I was recovering from an awkward cut and decided to spend more. Or maybe, most likely, it was the establishment which was both open and conveniently located when I realized that if somebody didn’t cut my bangs quickly, I was going to do it myself. My haircuts all happen this way.… Read the rest