SITS Girls Spring Fling

Welcome to the Jester Queen for a second time this Monday. Sorry, I couldn’t leave the first post up on the front page for very long. And I have some exciting news to replace the Monday blues. Starting tomorrow, the Jester Queen is holding her first ever giveaway. I don’t anticipate transforming my blog into a different kind of place. I’m just adding some fun to the mix. Is it advertising? Yeah. It is. But it’s FUN.  I heavily weighed this. And I ultimately decided in favor of it.

I will never write content that is less than honest. (Yes, I know.… Read the rest


Hey dudes, I heard there was a PARTAY in the HOUSE
Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Well, I for one am ALL in favor of celebrations. Especially the ones that involve days and days of hedonistic blogging.

Just to give you a quick introduction, I’m Jessie the Jester Queen, and I’ve got two kids, Caroline and Sam, and an awesome husband, Scott. I’m bipolar. The kids are both on the autism spectrum. Caroline is eight and has been formally diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.  She’s a budding ballerina who is terrified of most TV shows but loves live plays.

Sam is four, and we’re still at the beginning of our diagnosis process with him.  … Read the rest

Happy Anniversary (Introducing Scott)

Scott and I celebrate our tenth anniversary this year. Today, actually. October 13th. And we’d like to do a dozen things that parents of young kids just don’t have time for. So we will not be going on a cruise. Or taking a thoughtful hike for miles and days down the Appalachian trail. Or even trying out skydiving together. (I’m not sure Scott would have acquiesced to that one anyhow.)  Thanks to my friend Linda and her husband Robert, we did catch Garrison Keillor in Tuscaloosa last month, and that was something anyway. Other than that, we will be staying in this year.… Read the rest

Da Mac

I’ve had some hellaciously bad office jobs. The kind that make The Office and Dilbert alike pale by comparison.  I’m not talking about my present employment situation, for the record, but about past workplaces. Employers I had to pick myself up and drive to see five days a week, just about every week. Currently, I teach college English online. It’s a work from home job, and that “work from home” factor outweighs a lot of potential negatives. Thus, not only am I not talking about my present job, I won’t be talking about it until or unless I move on to something else.… Read the rest

I Love You Just The Way You Are

Caroline demanded and braved herself through earrings


 Caroline has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of high functioning autism (HFA) that is probably going to be lumped together with other forms of HFA in the next edition of the big-honking-medical-text-where-they-catalog-the-nomenclature-of-such-things (DSM V).  Whatever. Autism is a spectrum anyway, and describing it is difficult.  It would be easy to let this post devolve into a discussion of what does and doesn’t work in treatments, and which classic Asperger’s symptoms Caroline does and does not have, but that would quickly turn into a conversation about autism.  This post isn’t about autism. It’s about Caroline. Who has Asperger’s syndrome.

So to start out with, I will just say three things.… Read the rest

Me, Myself, and I

Since yesterday’s entry was about my son, I ought to make today be about my daughter. However, narcissism has stepped in after all, and I am, instead, introducing my alter egos. I have several, and each serves a distinct purpose in my life.

The Jester Queen

First up is the woman who writes this blog and generally serves as my online personality. Everyone give a big hello to The Jester Queen. The Jester Queen is bluntly honest, sometimes funny, and always entirely too self-aware. The character originated in a short story and Halloween costume, and her name solidified after I got married.… Read the rest

Parenthood (It’s All Greek To Me)

I’d like to imagine that even though the blog is entirely about me, it can be about something besides my self-love.  I thought, therefore, that you might like to meet the family. Today, let me introduce Sam, my three going-on-four-year old son. Let me introduce him, and let me introduce his favorite body part.

Yes, that’s right, folks. Today’s topic will be the almighty penis. The phallus. The wang, the willy, the trouser snake, the pecker, the albino cave dweller. That penis. My son has one and, at the ripe age of three, has already fallen in love with it. He’s also in his Oedipal phase, and believe me, if he could, he’d kick Daddy right out of the house and marry me right now.… Read the rest