Stages of a relationship

Our relationships are delicate things, fragile and in need of constant repair. Put enough strain on love, and quite often, it breaks. If it doesn’t break, though, if, in fact, it survives, then it often collides directly with the next strain. Any of the situations described below could be used to describe The End for a couple. Of course, these situations could also highlight the ways in which humor can shelter a love through stress. But we would know nothing of that here, would we?


It’s not you, it’s me



It’s not me, it’s you



It’s not you, it’s us



It’s not us, it’s them.

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Rainbow Flag

For a number of reasons that will be dealt with later, I’ve been under an unusual amount of stress lately. The raw effect of this for my family is that I’m more short tempered than normal, and much less tolerant of my kids’ perfectly normal (if perfectly obnoxious) behavior. My students can’t see me in person, so they don’t experience my deep sighs when they ask questions with answers I consider obvious. Unlike my kids and husband, they never receive responses like, “I don’t fucking know. Jesus Christ, do I look like the Dali Lama?” To keep these moments to a minimum, I’ve been letting the Jester Queen have a bit more free rein.… Read the rest

Me, Myself, and I

Since yesterday’s entry was about my son, I ought to make today be about my daughter. However, narcissism has stepped in after all, and I am, instead, introducing my alter egos. I have several, and each serves a distinct purpose in my life.

The Jester Queen

First up is the woman who writes this blog and generally serves as my online personality. Everyone give a big hello to The Jester Queen. The Jester Queen is bluntly honest, sometimes funny, and always entirely too self-aware. The character originated in a short story and Halloween costume, and her name solidified after I got married.… Read the rest