Biker Girl

It felt so good to get back on a bike. I haven’t ridden in years – since before I got married at least. Callaway Gardens had these awesome tandems called trail-a-bikes for adults to ride with kids. Caroline and Sam had actual pedals, and it helped them gain confidence. It also gave them some much needed time apart, because they were at each other’s throats yesterday morning. We started out with Caroline on Scott’s bike and Sam on mine, then swapped in the middle.

The bikes were amazingly easy to ride. The tandem part was like a unicycle style trailer, so it had its own cornering ability, and I wasn’t having to be constantly aware of my vehicle’s length.… Read the rest


Everybody else seems to be all on about Mother’s day, but quite frankly, it’s a holiday that doesn’t inspire me much. Some kid thought it up in the early 20th century, and Hallmark caught on soon after.  To me, it’s one in a string of mall-o-tron birthdays hyped to increase the sales of overpriced dust collecting knickknacks. We don’t really keep with Mother’s Day in my house, nor Father’s Day Either.

That said, my family got me some kickass gifts for Mother’s Day this year. The best one is the half hour Swedish Massage Scott got me, but even the kids’ crafts are pretty adorable.… Read the rest