My Life In Music: Whitney Houston

It’s an every other Thursday folks (like that has a whole lot of meaning to you who are not tracking Thursdays) so it’s time for Bella and I to host another edition of My Life In Music. This round is dedicated to Whitney Houston. Bella is a Whitney fan, and, while I’m not,  I have a lot of respect for the lady and a great deal to say about the tragedy of her death. I’ll be adding my actual submission to the meme in a couple of days, but for now, I wanted to get it up and running over here at Jester Queen.… Read the rest

My Life In Music February 14

I’m so excited! Bella over at If This is Motherhood and I are teaming up to present a new Meme every other week. Here’s the story. A few weeks ago, Bella posted an entry about her favorite group, Nickelback. I gotta admit, I’m no Nickelback fan. But her post showed so eloquently why she loves the band that while I was reading her entry, I WANTED to be a Nickelback fan.

In that post, she said she would someday do a series about her life in music, and when I read that, bells went off in my head. I e-mailed her fast saying something to the effect of “ZOMG I want in!”

It’s a few weeks later, and now Bella has designed our awesome logo, and we’re ready to go live with our first link-up, below.… Read the rest