Well folks, it’s time for me to try my slideshow function again. The last time I did this, I crashed my site. So we’ll see if I’ve unkinked myself yet.

If this works, you’ll be looking at five lovely pictures we took when we went to visit Callaway gardens last month. The green butterfly is not pinned – he’s just in a hatching case where the cocoons are carefully pinned to the … I guess it’s a ceiling.


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It’s just an old grain elevator.

Grain Elevator

But at the right angle, blurry  behind the trees, it might be a castle,

becomes castle

the winter-dead trees the entrance to some forbidden forest,

Beware the trailing fingers


the rusting hulk of a barge the last vestige of a sunken navy


barge becomes navy

the hidden railroad bridge a lowered drawbridge

Raise the bridge sire! Lower the portcullis!


whose struts become the scaffolding upon the battlements

Defend the keep!


above a river that leads to  a long forgotten realm,

And long lost that battle


a place where fantasies are born.

Long lost the defenders


And also nightmares.


I shot these pictures along the Rails to Trails Riverwalk in Columbus, Georgia this past January (2012), and I posted them in early February.… Read the rest