Notes From The Road: Happy New Year

Notes From the Road: Happy New Year

I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions. Deciding to do something  just because of the day of the week has never really made a whole lot of sense to me. But sometimes, the first of the year seems like the perfect time to make a change.

And in the next twelve months, I have a big change coming.

Scott knows what it is.  But as of now, only a couple of other people do, and it would be stupid to announce it just yet.  The blogging equivalent of posting  nude pictures to Facebook. For one thing, it may not happen.… Read the rest

Notes From the Road: Union Terminal

I should be grading. One of the sucky things about my job is that it never takes breaks. Which means that when my husband, who is also an academic (is even more of an academic) has a school break, I don’t. Ever. I get one month off a year, all at once, and the school doesn’t take holidays. My month off is March. So when we travel at the holidays, work comes with me, and I have less time for family and much less time for writing than normal.


I’ve been grading on and off for I think the last twenty four hours.… Read the rest

Notes From The Road: Caroline

I don’t want to make Caroline into something she isn’t.  But she’s a pretty amazing little girl, and she has this talent that’s hard to describe. I’ve blogged previously about how her Aperger’s Syndrome seems to drive her outward where it drives a lot of kids inward.  It’s more than that, though. Caroline is so loving that she draws others out, as well.

She can make friends with anybody, on or off the autism spectrum, with no concerns for age, race,  gender, or skill level. A trip to the zoo where she doesn’t either meet a new friend or bump into an old one is a tragic day indeed.… Read the rest