The Marriage at the Rue Morgue

On July 16, the groom is big, the bride is hairy, and the best man is dead.

My book comes out in 41 days.

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Bloggers, drop me a line at jesterqueen @ att . net if you’re interested in reviewing it. You’re going to love my “don’t buy my book” campaign.

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Loma’ai audiocast

J650HeadshotI’m flying really high right now. If you know me on Facebook or Twitter, you know why. But for those of you who have NOT been bombarded by my bragging yet, a short story of mine was published, not just published, but audiocast. When the amazing producers at Cast of Wonders accepted my piece, I had no idea how extraordinary they truly were. The reader, Tina Connolly, has brought Loma’ai to life in a way I never even dreamed possible. My GOD, Tina’s novel Ironskin has been nominated for a Nebula. A Nebula! And she’s reading my story for Cast of Wonders.… Read the rest

Screaming in small caps

Because I’m an academic, I learned the importance of conferences the back alley way. It’s a habit I built in relationship to my job. A couple of years ago, I realized that people do this for writing, too. I was a little slow on the uptake.

Killer Nashville pretty much jumped out of my computer screen as the perfect place for me, since I was shopping a murder mystery. I signed up to talk to editors and agents, and I sent a couple of short story manuscripts for critique by published authors.

The authors were fabulous. All of the editors and agents were awesome, but one really stood out.… Read the rest

Divorce: A Love Story

Three. Two. One.

Come here. Get really close. I don’t want anybody to miss the story. Everybody gathered around? Great.


                                                 Can you believe it???

Sorry sorry! Didn’t mean to burst any of the eardrums. Hey! Come back. I’ll speak more softly, promise. My publisher Throwaway Lines released the e-book edition of my novel Divorce: A Love Story yesterday on Amazon and B&N. ON MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY. Thank you SJ and Jason. Oh GOD I’m so happy. For a low $2.99, You can download the novel. Don’t have a Kindle or Nook? No worries. You can grab it for your PC, MAC, i-pad, or smartphone right now if you just download the free app from the Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites.… Read the rest