Let it Snow

We won’t be getting much of the white stuff down here in Alabama this winter. But we got snowed in at my mother-in-law’s house in Cincinnati the day after Christmas in 2012. Technically, she and Scott did most of the walk clearing. (I was in bed with a 102 degree fever. That is my excuse. I hate snow is the real reason.) But Sam certainly did his share, especially considering that the shovel was bigger than he was.


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Post-holiday peace

The doorbell rang at half past four, and Scott and I were gone by quarter ‘til five, before the sitter could change her mind. Even almost two years ago, it was hard to get somebody to watch Sam. Not to mention that she was fifteen and being dropped off by her Dad, and it was snowing in central Alabama.

I don’t remember exactly where we went. Dinner at least. Probably a movie. Anything at all to recover from the holidays. I do recall wandering around Whole Earth (or whatever that store is) one of the few venues that hadn’t simply shut down because of a few centimeters of white precipitation.… Read the rest