Use your words

This is how the advice sounds when I’m exasperated. It’s not fair at all, because one of the things about Asperger’s for my kids is that it makes the path from idea to vocal cord very cumbersome indeed, and one of those concepts that I have to explain regularly is, “The words in your heart don’t reach my ears if you don’t use your mouth.” But it’s been a “Use your words” kind of weekend around here, and so I give you the advice I all but shouted to my children earlier today. (Parenting fail.)

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Sam’s Lament

“Let’s break this down, Sam. Caroline didn’t play Wii on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. It’s Friday, and she has had five minutes. That’s not the longest turn in the history of forever.”


IMAG0793 (2)



This weekend, Trifextra is Over The Top…or they want us to be anyhow.

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Earth, Wind, and Stars

And when that bright wind blows, will it call for me?

Or will I instead remain solid, true?

Do the stars truly flicker in their black firmament?

The core is in the asking.





Trifextra is all about layers this week. Come play and expose your own core.

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The five-ninety nine-twenty five rule




If everyone is driving five miles per hour above the speed limit, there is a 99% chance that upon seeing a cop, they’ll all drop to twenty miles under without giving adequate warning.

In the spirit of Andy Rooney’s 50-50-90 rule, Trifecta has asked us to come up with our own probability equations.

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Count of Three

On the count of three go vote for Lance Burson and Cameron Garriepy in the America’s Next Author Contest. They are two spectacular writers coming into their true careers, and their stories will amaze you. One… Two… Three…


This week, Trifecta wants us to add 33 words to “on the count of three”. I want you to follow those links above and vote for two of the most amazing authors I know. I may throw my hand into this contest (I’m feeling intimidated and like I don’t have anything, and I hate competing, so I may let the anxiety win this round, we’ll see) but these two already have, and they so ROCK.… Read the rest

Robert Frost and Trifextra

This weekend’s Trifextra challenge is a little different. I’ll just quote it for you.

Robert Frost one said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”  We want you to do the same.  Sum up anything you want, but do it in three words.  Your response should mirror Frost’s quote by beginning, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about–.”  And the last four words are yours to choose.


In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about careers. I must write.



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Trifextra: Divorce: A Love Story, Spoilers

Jamie made the first merge of her nine-hour drive and pushed the car faster as she started singing along, understanding exactly which way to go, the music of her childhood all around her.


Dear Trifecta, thank you for letting me abuse your meme to advertise my novel again. Dear readers, that’s my novel’s last line, but if you think it’s a spoiler, you’re dead wrong.  Take a chance on an e-book, and I think I might just convert you to electronic tomes.

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The Power of Three

Madame Julie used a card for a bookmark. “So you’re the fellow who won a reading at the poker game.” The young man nodded. “Sit.” She reached for her tarot deck and smiled.


Trifecta wants us to talk about one object with three uses this weekend. Come play with us. Or cross my palm with silver. Whichever.

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This is the verge. From here, I can see every possible ending, good or bad. Every time I look over this ledge, I realize the greatest leap is into self. I’m so afraid.


The editors at Trifecta reminded us that 43 years ago yesterday, Neil Armstrong took his famous moon walk (which is different from a moonwalk; but I digress). They challenged us to write 33 words about a giant leap. Mine is not for humankind, but for myself. And it is coming.  (And to be clear, because in my family ones needs to be clear around certain subjects, if things go right, it will be a POSITIVE leap.… Read the rest

Uncle Walt

Nikki asked, “Did you smell Uncle Walt’s room?”

“Horrible.” I took another bite of cereal.

She turned to our mother. “I think he died last night.”

“Nichole Ann, that’s rude.”

“I’m serious Mom!” Nikki balled up her fists. You don’t have to walk past him every morning. Why did you even ask him to come?”

“Walter’s only been here three days, and he’ll be up soon. Show some respect.”

“Respect. Hah. He’s dead.” Nikki grabbed a bowl and sat beside me.

Uncle Walt always stank. He called himself a ‘bath optional’ kind of guy. My first memory of him is throwing up from the stench when he picked me up.… Read the rest