Curing the Ramsays with a little help from Eden Fantasys

Holy cowabunga people. This is going to alienate some of you, and I apologize. Because this is TOTALLY a sponsored post. I am not selling out. This is just completely irrefuckingsistable. I get to blog about sex toys.  This is going to be fun. I have read about Eden Fantasys and their products over on Blogging Dangerously.  And here’s the cool part. The folks at Eden Fantasys don’t expect me to blog about their products. They don’t want me to review jack shit. All they want is for me to’ talk about their company in a way that’s ‘comfortable for me’.… Read the rest

The Jester Reads: Woolf 7-12

I’m in a book group headed up by Lisa over at Seeking Elevation. It seems to be the thing that has replaced Friday Fluff (which had probably run its course anyhow, though if it comes back, believe me, I’ll be all fluffy again.) Anyway, we’re reading Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse.

If you want background on the characters and story, Lisa has both on her blog. Start here, then go here,  here, here, here, and here. I’m just going to jump in and assume you’re one of the other people in the group though and already know what I want to talk about.… Read the rest

Beginning at Woolf

I’m reading  To The Lighthouse in a group led by Lisa Harvey of Seeking Elevation. So I’ve had Virginia Woolf on my mind. But also, we’re cleaning house, and I mean cleaning house around here. And that’s got another famous Woolf piece in my head just now.

Back in January, we took 13 bags of clothing out for donations as part of the quest to Find The Bedroom. Since then, we’ve thrown out or relocated three pieces of huge furniture, opening up the house  and making it begin to look like people really live here. One of the largest changes we’ve made is the transformation of our guest room.… Read the rest