Mother’s Day From Authors

And now, allow me to bring you the best and most unexpected guest post ever. I took the kids grocery shopping, and we picked out Sam’s birthday cake for next weekend, and when I got back, Scott had written me a mother’s day card with various quotations of dubious origin. These are things the authors only told him, let me assure you.

But I will share them with you, because I love you like my mother. Or something.

“Fork clang. Shoes on. Love. the trash went out…”  — Joyce

“Love. Pointless. Dying. Alone. Perhaps only partly cloudy.”– Hemingway

“Love, a yes, that, as it spring forth anew each day with the force of a river fed from high in the mountains, from a spring up there…” — Dickens

“Love, the thing that is beautiful just like a rose” — Shakespeare

“A life without love is like a squirrel pie without the squirrel” — William Shakespeare Bocephus.

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Mother’s Day From Authors — 14 Comments

    • I had no idea he was brewing it. I agree – although he scrawled them out hastily, I think he worked through them for several days before they touched paper.

  1. Um, ya, wow, Magnificent is the ONLY word for such a man. I think I’d quite like him, personally. Because I’m not into presents you can “touch” or “wear”, this present brings me as much pleasure as the ones I received. (Patience being the best of my day yesterday.) Thanks for sharing it!!!
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    • Oh absolutely. Scott’s highly personable, and you’d get a huge kick out of him in company. Also, he has the best smile. Not that I’m biased or anything

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