Let’s talk about my dog

OK, it looks like my dog ate the internet. That’s the only explanation I have for the posts that won’t show on my site. It’s getting WAY annoying people. But. Hopefully it works again today, and the dog will be allowed to live. Oh wait. Update. He ate my blog. Same diff. Thanks to … I don’t know what, I’ve had to change my WordPress Theme. Please be patient as I work through customization to get things up and running again.

As you know, Fudge died a couple of weeks ago at the age of eleven, and we’ve been dogless since.  But we’ve been looking. We’ve visited the pound a couple of times, and we met a standout fellow they were calling Winston.  My kids go to Churchill academy, so we figured it must be fate. (Churchill academy is indeed named for Sir Winston, and its motto, appropriate for kids on the spectrum, is “Never, never, never, never, never give up.”)

However, this dog has a new name, and it’s Chewie. Let me back up.

It stormed yesterday, and the power and internet went out for about 8 hours.  OK five for the power. But it was still a long damned time, especially considering that Sam got sent home early for hurting people and we had to deal with him all that time. Nonetheless, rain and all, we grabbed Caroline at the end of her school day and went to get the dog.

The noise at the pound, which had previously only bugged Sam a little, sent him into a FRENZY. He was literally climbing around on my head. He whipped off Scott’s glasses, and things only improved when we had finally completed all the paperwork, and we were ready to leave. Then, he came home and screamed for two hours, ate a meal, waited an hour, screamed another hour, and went to sleep an hour late. OY.

The dog took that in stride. He paced around the house, smelled everything, smelled it again, went out and peed (as long as I came along), smelled everything, went out an pooped (same deal as the pee), and suddenly catapulted into his new crate, stole the bed and capered through the house with it in a ‘chase me’ sort of way. I took it back before he defluffed it, and replaced it with an appropriate woobie.

Ahem. Woobie was the nickname for dog chews growing up. It stuck. I’m sure it’s a derivative of Lovie, but even Madame Syntax doesn’t want to investigate that particular back story.

Anyway, as his confidence grew, so increased his interest in the household items. Over the course of the evening, I took away most of the shoes (I’ve lost Caroline’s somehow, and she’s had to wear ill-fitting ones today), every stuffed animal that had fallen out of bed, and various other pica objects he wanted to eat.

And then he flipped about sleeping in the crate and had to spend the night on Fudge’s old bed in our bedroom, so that when he woke at 5AM, I had to take him out to pee in the pouring rain. And then he didn’t go back to sleep, so I had to get up. And since I needed to sleep we ALL piled into the car to take the kids to school, I slept, Scott drove, and the dog sat happily between his children.

I ran out and bought him Rawhides (thank you Annette, Jenny, and Facebook!) and the chewing instantly found its proper focus. I also got him six million woobies to de-woobify. (That’s dee-w0o-buh-fy, with the “oo” pronounced as in “wood”.). Since then, we’ve been on a walk. Holy HELL, he knows “heel”?  We’ve been out to pee several more times. (Still ‘we’).  And he’s settled down for a long afternoon nap in the living room.

The HELL you do, bronco. It’s time to annoy the DOG. Take that Mr. 5AM.

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Jessie Powell is the Jester Queen. She likes to tell you about her dog, her kids, her fiction, and her blog, but not necessarily in that order.


Let’s talk about my dog — 16 Comments

  1. I am still getting a 'Not Found' error when I try to comment from the e-mail, but when I clicked to your spiffy new home page, the post was here.

    Which leads me to believe this may be an issue with changing the template…..

    I think it is awesome that you took in a new member of the family so soon. Chewie clearly needs all of you.

    • Unfortunately, it was happening before I changed the template. It\’s actually WHY I changed it. I may have it fixed now. Maybe?

  2. Winston sounds glorious. Hope you and your new fur kid settle in for a wonderful life together.

    (I've been getting '404 errors' on some of your posts too.)

    • Yeah – I\’ve had to put in a new theme. This is totally weird. The whole thing broke without warning last night.

  3. Awwwww! He is so cute! Great for your family!!! As rambunctious as "Chewie" is, it's so good to see for all of you. Congrats! Hope you get some sleep!

    • We're really enjoying him! I hesitate to ask, but how is your fur baby? I know you were in that nurse along and wait stage right when Fudge was nearing his final days.

  4. I'm glad you guys have a new canine friend, and that he's settling in.

    Your new theme is lovely. I like it. I hope you do, too. I have ongoing trouble with WordPress eating posts after I write them (even if I save the drafts) so I had to learn to write everything in a file on my computer and then cut and paste it into a post as many times as necessary until it 'takes'. I don't have that much trouble all the time, but when I do, I'm so glad I don't have to remember what I wrote, which is nearly impossible. I have the most trouble with that when I'm trying to add a picture to a post.

    Anyway, I wanted you to know it's not just you. Mostly, I like WordPress and think it looks good, but the tech people working at the company have such an attitude! I hope they get their crap together sooner rather than later.

    • I'm pretty good about composing in word anyway, as I have a healthy fear of my work getting sucked into the ether. Bipolar paranoia DOES have some functionality. In this case, I could see the post, but only in 'edit' mode. I like this theme for transitions, but it doesn't allow for easy scrolling between screens, and I can't do everything I want with pictures. It looks nice, and this crisis has forced me to develop myself a new banner. I'm going to roll out a whole new theme in a couple of days, and we'll see how it works for the long term.

  5. Ah, the thrill and the heartbreak of bringing a new pet into the household! I hope he settles in and you guys have a wonderful time together.

    • So far things are going OK. During all the trauma/drama yesterday, he was a champ. He did flip out when Scott had to leave him in his cage, and he did leave us, ah, a smellogram as a result, but seriously, we'd only started crate training the day before.

  6. I've seen that happen so many times, though, where a person commits to a pet while single only to betray that commitment in finding a human companion. I thought your story captured something very real and emotional. I was grateful that the dog could just quietly die instead of living a life of death.

    • I THINK I have lifted the curse! Stupid wordpress hates everybody. I finally got Intense Debate comments to run with all the ‘trimmings’ that I want, and I HOPE that will make it possible for everyone to comment again. Thanks for visiting! He’s been keeping more regular hours for the last few nights!

  7. So sorry about the loss of your dog Fudge. But your new addition is adorable- even if he is a chew-er!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & making my SITS day so fun.

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