You already akimbo, legs apart and arms askew, and I naked before the sun’s wide open eye. How hungry seems the sky, and empty, inviting me to embrace the deep earth with you .


After a day of spiders Thursday, including a quarter sized one in the house, prevented me from finishing my weekly Trifecta entry for the first time since I started participating in the challenge, I was really bummed. So. I’m making sure to get this Trifextra entry done in spite of the moaning over homework from a school absence (kid, you miss three days, you got work to catch up) going on in the kitchen and the clinging preschooler who wants for playing with in the office.  Check out the theme and instructions over on the Trifecta page.




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  1. This is so peaceful. I like the imagery. Great writing, as usual!

    Sorry about your rough week. I too have spider issues living on a mountain. I wrote a post about it. Those huge ones are so freaky! Good luck!
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  2. Gorgeous imagery. "How hungry seems the sky" – one of my favorite lines this week. Just beautiful.

    I missed reading you last week – I've been in that same boat more than once…
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  3. Jessie, really beautifully done. And I'm seeing the danger in it. I'm seeing the embrace of soemthing darker. A dark place (death, I presume) that the legs akimbo personality has already gone. I see a living person seeing the sun and the dark earth and feeling suddenly like she/he might choose the darkness.
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    • That's very much how I see it. This is much more a dark piece in my mind, but I LOVE that people are seeing the polar opposite as well.

  4. This is frighteningly good. The imagery is spectacular. I particularly love the line: How hungry the sky looks, and empty. Wow!

    • Thanks, Becca. It was fun to write. But what's even more fun is talking about it with others, and then visiting their blogs and talking about their take on the prompt, too. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I enjoyed your 33-word entry. I also thought it had something to do with sex (the naked part, perhaps?) The narrator seems reluctant, yet willing.

  6. Wonderful entry to the challenge. It reads like both a story and a poem, and is complete – says everything the reader needs to know, and allows the reader to imagine the next part of the story!

  7. I can relate to missing challenges…but them mine is due to my muse going AWOL 😉

    Like the imagery of this
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  8. So many pictures drawn for the imagination in 33 words, Jessie, great job! Made me think of what skydiving would feel like if I were ever brave enough to try it… 😉
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  10. Hi, Jester and welcome back after your spider-induced haitus. I'm not sure what I'm loving more – the reader/autor interactions below or the actual piece above. The piecce itself was exquisite. Like the others, I loved the image of the hungry sky.

  11. This feels to me like teens exploring and losing their virginity. I don't know. Could be the book I'm reading but I'm getting a sex vibe from this and, of course, love it!

  12. I agree with Gina. I felt teens losing their virginity in your story as well. It was really exciting and like a tease, in that teenage-y way, which made for a great little read. Well done and congratulations!!