Jessie the Jester QueenI’m Jessie Powell, a 35 year old author whose book Divorce: A Love Story was published by Throwaway Lines in 2011. I believe in true love, blunt honesty, and chocolate. I’m married to Scott, and we live in Montgomery, Alabama with our two children, Caroline (released 2003) and Sam (first edition 2007).

I started this adventure when I was trying to win the chance to speak in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods tenth anniversary audiobook. I didn’t win, but it was a truly awesome experience, and I think the woman who did win was a really talented speaker. The blog has become an end of its own, and I love to hear comments here, in Twitter, and on Facebook. Hell, Pin me if you want baby.

Honestly, the best way to get to know me is to visit a few of my posts. The Friday Fluff ones are the best for weird trivia (and a bunch of bullshit), but here are some others that explain me in a little more depth.

Meet all three of my alter egos

Read a frank discussion of my Bipolar Disorder 

Learn when Asperger’s Syndrome can be beautiful

Find out why I fired the DJ at my wedding  

If you search by my kids’ names (Caroline and Sam), you can learn a bit more about raising two children on the autism spectrum. You won’t find much if you search my husband’s name. We’re having a face to face marriage, not an online one, and I don’t put up a lot about him, and nothing at all without his permission. Similarly, as my daughter gets bigger and owns more of her own stories, I’ll stop putting them here without getting her OK first.

But that’s OK. Because I’m not a Mommy Blogger. I do blog about my kids, but I consider myself a freelance writer, a novelist, a memoir blogger, a fiction blogger, and a picture-taking blogger. My kids are only part of my equation. A darned CUTE part, but not the one that identifies me.  That’s writing.

The fastest way to get in touch with me is to click the ‘contact’ link above, but you can also e-mail me at jesterqueen@att.net.



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  1. Feel free to delete this because I don't even seem to have come through to your proper blog this time, it says Page Lines at the top. Just another comment to let you know that I still can't see your latest post! But it sounds like you're having a whale of the time with the doggy. 🙂

    • It\’s not you! My dog broke the internet. Or anyway, my blog. I\’m having to load a new framework. LORDY.

      • If in doubt, blame the dog?! Well they're coming through on email so goodness knows where they've disappeared to in the ether. The internet has truly become a black hole. All very mysterious. I'm sure you could do some sci-fi/fantasy take of a story with that. 🙂

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